Three distinct motions experience: Rise, Flow, & Drift

Motion drives Tumble

High Quality Timeless Distillate

Hand-Selected Whole Flower

Discover new heights with Tumble

Infused Cannabis rich with Timeless Distilled THC

Elevation through Motion. Meet Tumble, a brand within the Timeless House of Brands. Tumble contains premium flower, THCA diamonds, and is infused with Timeless distilled THC. Each Tumble pre-roll is rolled with utmost care, and undergoes extensive testing to meet the Timeless House of Brands high standards. Tumble is joining the Timeless House of Brands lineup in early 2022 and Tumble is now available exclusively at partnered dispensaries in Arizona. Click below for a complete list of participating dispensaries.


Find Diamonds In Tumble By Timeless

Through our unique tumbling process, we combine freshly ground whole flower, distilled THC, Timeless Terpenes, and pure THCA diamonds into a high potency joint that is consistent from start to finish, enhancing the profile and effects with evenly coated flower. With the addition of THCA diamonds to Tumble, we offer a higher potency, smoother-burning, and flavorful joint. Tumble's infusion process eliminates the need to spray, glue, or dip our joints in cannabinoids, ensuring high quality products that help our customers reach their desired summit.

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