New Flavor Drop for July


Summerland x Tumble

Find the Golden Ticket & Win

Win a ceramic bong or ashtray by finding a golden ticket in Tumble Chemistree.

New Flavors in a New Market

Tumble Has Launched in Missouri

High Quality Timeless Distillate

Hand-Selected Whole Flower

All natural, no additives, & no adhesives


As on any journey, there are many roads one may take to reach the summit.
The one constant in every journey is the requirement of movement in order to push forward.
We seek to guide you on every chosen route to new heights.


RISE to a high state of consciousness. Explore your most creative and driven thoughts. Orient your focus and push the bounds of your purest state of mind.


FLOW with the current of true euphoria. Embark on a journey of charity and relaxation. Achieve balance and navigate your path with ease.


DRIFT into the most tranquil parts of your psyche. Whether easing your mind or taking a pause for restoration, do so with peace and confidence.

Wondering Why Diamonds Elevate Tumble?

Adding THCA Diamonds to Tumble creates a higher potency, smoother burning, and more flavor pre-roll


Find Diamonds In Tumble By Timeless

Through our unique tumbling process, we combine freshly ground whole flower, distilled THC, Timeless Terpenes, and pure THCA diamonds into a high potency joint that is consistent from start to finish, enhancing the profile and effects with evenly coated flower. With the addition of THCA diamonds to Tumble, we offer a higher potency, smoother-burning, and flavorful joint. Tumble's infusion process eliminates the need to spray, glue, or dip our joints in cannabinoids, ensuring high quality products that help our customers reach their desired summit.

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