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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls are individual joints that have been rolled for you. We take the time to grind and pack whole cannabis flowers to our own stringent set of standards, resulting in a consistent, enjoyable experience. Just light and enjoy.

How do I know which strain will work best for my needs?

We recommend speaking with the Budtenders at your favorite dispensary. They are very knowledgeable, and can help guide you in the right direction. You can also find our Kindness Team in the field, get more information from our Instagram page @smoketumble for our Kindness Team schedule. They are experts in all of the products that we offer, and they would love to meet you!

How should I store my joints?

To preserve freshness, joints should be kept sealed in an airtight container and stored in a cool dark location. We recommend keeping your Tumble joint in the provided airtight tube it came in until you are ready to enjoy. Always keep marijuana out of reach of children and pets.

What’s inside my joint?

We combine Whole Cannabis Flower, Distilled THC, THCA diamonds, and Timeless Terpenes to create each Tumble joint. We never use shake or trim in our products. All of our whole flower goes through a stringent hand sorting and stem removal process before they are ground to a consistency that promotes even burning and a pleasant smoking experience. Our infusion process utilizes gentle heat and motion to evenly coat the flower. We never use Alcohol, MCT Oil, PG, or any other Cutting/Thinning agents in our products.

How much marijuana is in each joint?

Tumble joints contain 1.0g of infused cannabis, approximately 0.75g of whole cannabis flower and 0.25g of distilled THC and THCA diamonds. Each joint is hand weighed and adjusted for accuracy.

How is my joint made?

We start with whole cannabis flowers. Our team of technicians break the flowers down by hand and remove all stems. Flower is then ground to a set consistency utilizing top of the line equipment from STM Canna. Our infusion process utilizes gentle heat and motion to evenly coat the flower with high potency Distilled THC and Timeless Terpenes. Once the infusion is complete our technicians sift high quality THCA diamonds over the entire batch. This process is repeated three times to ensure all flower is coated evenly. Cones are placed in trays and filled with the infused flower mixture using vibratory packing machines. These machines ensure a consistent pack in each joint. Once joints leave the packing machines they are inspected, adjusted for accurate weight, and closed by our team of joint experts.

What kind of paper is used in my joint?

All of our products are rolled using European paper, sustainably grown and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. Our cones are free from all Dyes, Bleach, and Chlorine.

How long do the joints last?

Tumble joints were created to give the user a slow burning, all encompassing experience. Most consumers report that their joints last between 25-30 minutes. Expect 20-30 pulls to finish each joint. Tumble joints are also great for sharing!

Can I put my joint out and save it for later?

To preserve the flavor of the joint, we do not recommend extinguishing and re-lighting. But if you must save some of your joint for later, there are ways to help preserve the flavor. Gently tamp the end of the joint against your favorite ashtray to extinguish it, then use scissors to remove the burnt portion of the joint. Re-light when ready, and enjoy.

How do I light my joints?

Place the filter of the joint between your thumb and index finger. We recommend using a lit hemp-wick as a butane free ignition source to start your joint, but a lighter or matches will suffice. Once your ignition source is lit, slowly introduce the tip of the joint to the flame while rotating the joint in your fingers. The slower and more evenly the joint is lit, the better it will burn for the entire experience. Once the end of the joint has a nice even cherry, you can begin to take small drags with your mouth, avoiding any large pulls into your lungs. Now that the joint is burning evenly, you can inhale and smoke at your own pace.

My joint burns unevenly, how do I prevent that?

A great joint smoking experience starts with a proper lighting procedure. Please review our FAQ on the correct way to ignite a joint. If you are following that procedure and still having issues with uneven burning there are a couple steps you can take to help remedy the situation. If your joint begins to “Canoe” or burn faster on one side, make sure the fastest burning side of the joint is facing down. Heat rises, and that will help ignite and burn the slower sides of the joint. You can also rotate the joint while you smoke to help keep things burning evenly from start to finish.

I have a question/concern about this product, who do I contact?

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products. You can contact us through e-mail at info@timelessvapes.com, or send us a direct message on any of our social media platforms. A customer service representative will reply within 48 hours of your message.

Where can I find Tumble products?

All of our products can be found using our Product Locator Page.