Tumble x Summerland

Introducing: The Tumble x Summerland Collaboration
The Tumble x Summerland Bong and Ashtray are hand-crafted with premium porcelain – ensuring smooth consumption while you reconnect with nature. This special-edition collaboration only available from the Tumble Giveaway,
please see the details below. Summerland creates high-quality, handmade ceramic smokeware from all natural materials. You’ll want to put the Tumble x Summerland collab on display and enjoy it forever!

We ~highly~ recommend pairing Tumble pre-rolls with the Tumble x Summerland Bong. To enjoy Tumble products in your Tumble x Summerland bong, follow these steps:
1. Take your Tumble pre-roll out if its box and pop-tube packaging
2. Begin unwrapping the end of your Tumble pre-roll by carefully lifting up the folded paper
3. Gently pour and shake the contents of your Tumble pre-roll into the bowl of your Tumble x Summerland bong
4. Lightly press the top to pack your bowl
5. Use a lighter, spark up, and enjoy

Tumble x Summerland Giveaway
Buy a Tumble Chemistree (1g or Travelers) for a chance to find a Golden Ticket! One lucky Golden Ticket winner will receive a Tumble x Summerland Bong or Ashtray.

Cleaning Tips

It’s important to frequently clean your Tumble x Summerland bong, especially if you’re enjoying it with Tumble pre-rolls. Here are some tips to keep your smokewear clean:
1. Remove bowl and set aside. Rinse your bong thoroughly with warm water
2. Fill the chamber with isopropyl alcohol until it is about 2/3 of the way up the downstem
3. Add at least 2-3 tablespoons of coarse salt
4. Put your hands over the bowl hole and mouthpiece to prevent spillage, and shake it up!
5. Let sit and soak for 5-10 minutes
6. Repeat this process a few times
7. Dump the contents and scrub it with a bottle brush
8. Rinse and shake a few times with clean hot water
9. Clean exterior with soap and a soft sponge
10. Give the inside of the piece a thorough wipe with a dry paper towel